Why you should Buy a Used Macbook in South Africa

Buying a Used Macbook in South Africa

In South Africa it will always seem like a better option to Buy a Used Macbook . Core Group (www.myistore.co.za) is the official distributor appointed by Apple in South Africa. Yet it sometimes feels cheaper to fly to USA and buy the same Macbook.

So of course it makes more sense to buy a used Macbook for up to 50% less. But what should you look out for when buying a Used Macbook in South Africa

Stolen Macbooks

Yes. Welcome to South Africa. Stolen Macbooks are more prevalent than most STD’s. If you are buying second hand from Gumtree and OLX there are ways to determine whether you are buying a stolen Macbook or not. If you are buying Used Macbook in South Africa from someone in Johannesburg CBD, chances are they 99% of the time they are stolen.

  • Ask the seller for the Serial number (if its a stolen Macbook he will most probably decline)
  • Run the serial number past Apples online chat. Ask them if the Macbook has been flagged. 9/10 times stolen Macbooks do not get flagged simply because people are not aware of the option.
  • Buy the Macbook with the Box. Some resellers buy salvage Macbooks and repair them or buy from Auction houses thus they might not include the original box. When buying from a private individual ask him for the original box.

I know buying used might seem like a drag and not appealing but we have had to collect our Used Macbooks from people who had no idea their Macbooks were our Macbooks stolen in a robbery. So if you would not like companies like us – who track stolen Macbooks- to pitch up at your home with the police and take back our property, leaving you with NOTHING, best do your due diligence

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