What makes The All-New AirPods Max special?

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a person who loves to listen to music, you must have heard about the recently released AirPods Max from Apple. These are the wireless headphones from Apple that provide over-ear design and features that will make everyone more than just happy. Although there are much cheaper alternatives like the Google Pixel Buds, we know Apple has a way of selling us things we don’t need or able to afford

So, here we will dive deeper into the details and features of the AirPods Max so that you can do everything that you need to know.

The Amazing and unique features

Here are the details about all the exciting features of the all-new AirPods Max.

Great design.

Design is a department where Apple never disappoints us. The same has happened with the AirPods Max. It is a product that can be called the sleekest headphones present in the market. The headphones feature an over-ear design with the outer cups made with aluminum, which have their class.

The headband is made with some soft fabric that feels very light on the head and breathable.

Extremely good listening and calling experience:

For making the listening and calling experience better than anything present in the market, Apple has crossed limits. It is because there are 40mm, drivers for superior sound quality. Additionally, there are a total of 9 microphones, which help in crystal clear calling.

Adaptive EQ.

If you are a music enthusiast and like to manage the Eq according to your liking, then the AirPods Max will be a great product because of the adaptive EQ feature that comes with them.

ANC and transparency mode.

One of the biggest highlights is the Active Noise Cancellation. It will be a great thing for students and workers who have to do their work in busy environments. The ANC feature of AirPods Max will make the busiest of the places completely silent for you as if you are the only person present there.

Additionally, the transparency mode will make you able to hear the environment’s sounds without needing to take off the AirPods Max.

Spatial Audio.

The Spatial Audio feature allows them to provide sound like theaters. It works for the content that is recorded in 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos formats. The hardware detects the area of sound, and you get the virtual theater-like experience.

Groundbreaking battery life.

They come with 20 hours of battery life out of the box with its ANC feature turned off that will be more than enough for the longest of the days. It will also be a great feature for long flights where you do not get enough time to charge your tech products.

Seamless connectivity.

The connectivity of AirPods Max is like all other Apple devices that seamlessly connect without any issues. So, they also comes with an amazing connectivity feature where they can be connected to more than one device at a time. The process of switching between devices is also unbelievably fast.

The pros of the AirPods Max:

The following are some pros of the all-new AirPods Max.

  • The comfy headband and ear cups provide a very good sound insulating fit with comfort for wearing them for hours.
  • Unlike many headphones, these can be customized in colors because of changeable ear cups.
  • The Digital crown and hard button make controlling very easy as compared to touch-based gestures.
  • The highly engineered headband and connection joints provide a high-quality feel and comfort.
  • The lightning port makes the charging standards universal for your phone and the AirPods Max.

How long will the AirPods Max work in perfect condition?

If you are looking for how long will the AirPods Max work perfectly, there are a lot of factors that you will need to consider. The first one is that we all are aware of how well Apple products are built in terms of quality.

So, the AirPods Max also comes with the trust of Apple’s quality. The other thing that you cannot is that Apple provides tech support and care for damage for 2 years. It means that the AirPods Max should work perfectly for about 2 years of average usage.

Tips and tricks that you can follow to use your AirPods Max carefully:

The way you use your tech products significantly affects the life and the performance of the products. So, following some tips can help you increase the life of your products. Here we have mentioned some tips that can help you in carefully using your AirPods Max.

You may get a case for the AirPods Max if you feel the need:

If you travel a lot, then you might need to keep them in your bag. It can be a dangerous thing because the case of the AirPods Max is not very strong. So, buying a hard case will be beneficial for you because any weight or pressure will not damage them if they are in a hard case.

Staying clean will help a lot:

Keeping your ears and hairs clean will be a great thing for you because the headband and the ear cups will not get dirty. One thing great about AirPods Max is that their ear cups can be bought separately, but they are very expensive.

Please do not leave the AirPods Max without their case:

The smart case that comes with the AirPods Max automatically turns off when you put them inside it. So, leaving It outside the case means that you will turn it on for the whole time. It will not be good for the battery, so you must keep them inside the case to turn them off while you do not use them.


The AirPods Max can be considered one of Apple’s greatest accessories for 2020 that comes with a lot of features and great benefits. Here we discussed all the major and minor features of the AirPods Max so that if you are looking for a buying guide, you can have a great idea about what kind of experience you can expect from your AirPods Max.

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