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What is the main reason that Apple is discontinuing its Original Home Pod?

Apple users are lamenting the decision of Apple to discontinue the Apple Homepod After four years. The news came as a shock to all the Apple users as the company spent almost five years launching their Home Pods. It was said that now the company will more focus on the Home Pod mini which was introduced last year. Many of the weak points in Apple’s Home Pod is improved in the latest Home Pod mini. Let’s discuss the main reasons why they have decided to discontinue it. 

Price Issues of Apple’s Home Pod: 

Home Pods was first launched at the price of $349 (R7 999 in South Africa unofficially) which was expensive. This was the main reason why people criticized it. Gradually many speakers came into the market at a lower price than the Home Pod. However, Apple soon realized it and they reduced the price to $299 while hoping that it would bring buyers. Sadly, this wasn’t the case as till then, people were already buying other appliances which were budget-friendly and offered the same features. 

The high price of the Homepod did not appeal to Apple’s customers and as a result sales deterioted with one user on twitter claiming his Homepod he bought in 2021 was from the same batch of first produced homepods in 2017.

Can you Still Buy Apple’s Home Pod

Yes, you can still buy the ones that are available in the market but let me remind you that sooner or later Apple will stop supporting it. But there’s a piece of good news for the people who want to add a Home pod in their home. Apple has launched a new and better version of Home Pod named Home Pod mini in the market. The price of the new Home Pod mini is around $100 ( R3 199 in South Africa). 

What are the Features of Home Pod Mini? Is it Better?

The Home Pod mini has almost the same features as the original Home Pod, just in small size. The mini version is what I like to call is the improved version of the Home Pod as it contains several improvements. It includes Apple’s new U1 Ultra-Wideband technology, which was first launched with iPhone 11. The new U1 chip can sense its location relative to other U1-equipped Apple devices in the room. You can easily transfer calls and music from your iPhone to your Home Pod. 

Is Home Pod Mini Successful in the Market? 

The new Home Pod mini is getting popular in the market. Along with the Home Pod mini, other Apple devices such as MacBooks are getting positive feedback from buyers globally. We can say that the year 2020 was a successful year for Apple as the company gained massive profit over a=mnay of its products. 

An end of the Apple’s Home Pod: 

Technology is getting advanced day by day so many of the products are removed and then they are replaced with the new ones. Home Pod is not the first product to be discontinued by the company so we all are super excited to see the new stuff which Apple will launch in the coming years. 

Apple Homepod Discontinued

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