Trade or Sell your wanted Macbook or iPhone

Trade in your apple macbook or iPhone for another phone

Powerbite makes it easy to trade in your new or not so new iPhone, Macbook or other used tech for another device. Maybe you have a due contract but need some cash. Simply trade-in your new device for a cheaper one and get cash back. To find out what your iPhone or Macbook trade in value is, simply visit WeBuyPhones

Get cash for your macbook or iPhone

Maybe you just ant to sell your phone or Macbook for some extra cash. If thats the case then head over to WeBuyPhones for a free instant offer.

Electronics that you can sell for cash

Sell your iPhone or Android

You can trade in most iPhones or Android phones, but unfortunately only phones with a resell value can be traded in or sold

Apple iPad Mini 5 7.9-inch 2019 Wifi Only 64GB CPO Space Grey

Sell or Trade your Apple iPad

We only consider Apple tablets that can be upgrade to the latest Apple software for our trade-in or selling program. You can visit to find out more.

Sell or Trade Apple Gadgets

We also buy a wide range of Apple Gadgets and tech and other electronic gadgets.

Sell or Trade your Macbook

Macbook Pros and Airs that can be updated to the latest software are eligible for trade in or selling. You can also trade in some windows laptops

Sell or Trade your Apple Watch

Like with most tech, we can only purchase Apple tech that can be updated to the latest software. They dont have to work as we buy them dead or alive.

Sell or Trade Apple Accessory

Your Apple pen or Keyboard might still be worth something. Contact us to find out what its worth.

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