Top Things you need to know about Oppo Reno 5 Pro

Everything to know about the Oppo Reno 5 Pro.

Being one of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world, Oppo needs to bring something amazing to the market whenever it launches a new smartphone. Well, unlike other leading manufacturers, Oppo is the brand that has high ranks in competition whether it is about mid-range phones or flagship devices.

The device that we are going to discuss here is the recently launched Oppo Reno 5 Pro. Oppo is not officially available in South Africa but is available from Powerbite South Africa

Top Things you need to know about Oppo Reno 5 Pro:

So, here we will discuss everything that you need to know about this amazing device.

·     Exterior and feel.

To start with this new device, the first thing that we will discuss here is the exterior of the phone. It can be divided into 3 different parts and here we will discuss each of them in detail.

·     Back of the phone.

The back of this phone is made from glass. Well, the interesting part is that this glass comes in a matt finish. Not only this but the glass has some gradient color finish to it that can be felt when you tilt the phone. Apart from this, there is a quad-camera setup on the left top in a rectangular form.

·     Sides of the phone.

Starting from the top side, Oppo Reno 5 Pro has only a secondary mic on the top. The right side from the front has a power button while the left side has volume rockers. All of them are placed in a comfortable positioning for both the left-handed and right-handed users. The bottom has a USB-c port, speaker, and a sim slot. The frame of this phone is made from aluminum.

·     Front of the phone.

The front of this phone is one of the most interesting things about this device. Oppo says that this is a curved display with 3D edges. However, the interesting thing here is the 6.55-inch screen size that has a hole-punch camera on one corner. Additionally, there are no notches or bezels on this screen. The chin here is also very minimal.

Tech specs and the interior of the phone:

In the terms of tech specs of this phone, the phone is packed with very powerful internals. Some of the highlights of the tech specs of this phone are listed below.

·      It is equipped with MediaTek MT6889 Dimensity 1000+ that is a 7nm processor.

·      The device comes in two different ram options. 8 and 12 GB. Both of which are LPDDR4X.

·      The non-removable 4350mah battery supports 65-watt fast charging.

·      This phone from Oppo comes with a 64-megapixel main camera with 4K video capabilities at up to 120 frames per second.

·      Apart from the main camera, the 3 other lenses are depts sensor, ultrawide, and a macro lens.

·      One of the main highlights of this phone, the display is a 90Hz panel with Super AMOLED technology.

·      The screen of this phone provides 2400×1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 20:9.

·      For ensured security, this phone is equipped with an optical under-screen fingerprint scanner.

·      The USB-C port of this phone follows the latest 3.1 standards.

·      This phone comes with Bluetooth 5.1 support with aptX HD to meet all your wireless music streaming needs.

·      For contactless payments and other connectivity needs, this phone supports NFC.

Well, if we look at the hardware specifications of this phone, no compromises can be seen. It is because Oppo has not missed even a single feature that needs to be there. So, we can say that you cannot get disappointed by this device whatever you need from a phone.

Overall Software User Experience:

A phone needs to have all the latest technologies up and running for being a daily driver. This is where the ColorOS 11 comes into play. Along with this latest software, the device comes with android 11 running making it one of the perfect devices for all your needs.

Here we will discuss further the user experience of this phone from the software aspect.

AI-powered cameras:

One of the major needs of a phone these days is great camera performance. Well, Oppo has implemented some groundbreaking AI capabilities that will perform exceptionally well whether it is day, night, light, or dark.

These intelligent camera algorithms will make all frames in a video or all of your pictures clear and vibrant to provide the best results. Not only this but the amazing 90Hz display will provide you a great viewing experience of what you capture on this phone.

5G support:

This is the era of 5G internet connectivity. So, to cope up with the needs of customers, Oppo has made this phone compatible with 5G speed meaning you can get amazing streaming, downloading, and uploading, or online gaming experience with a very low latency.

Dolby Atmos supported:

With this great of a phone in your hand, it is important to have an amazing listening experience as well. for this feature, this phone supports Dolby Atmos to provide the best surround-sound experience.

Amazing battery optimization:

Having a phone that lasts the whole day long whether you use it for power-hungry applications or not is the main concern of this phone. Oppo has implemented some great power optimization techniques that can make this phone last along your day.

The fast charging makes it even better.

Another interesting thing is that the super power-saving mode will make your phone last for hours even if the battery has reached a single digit of life remaining.

Top-Notch graphics performance.

If you are a phone gaming lover, then this phone will be one of the best choices for you. It is because of its wi-fi6 connectivity and its ARM Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77 you will be able to enjoy all the online competitive games. The 128GB storage and amazing ram options will also be enough to store and run all your favorite games.


The competition in the market these days is so high that it is almost impossible for any smartphone to compromise on anything in any device. This is why companies like Oppo are coming up with better devices over time. Here we discussed the Oppo Reno 5 Pro and all the amazing facts about it.

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