The New Samsung Galaxy S11e,S11 and S11 Plus Leaks Confirmed

Keeping up with their previous reveals, Samsung has left nothing to the imagination with obvious leaks of its New Samsung Galaxy S11e , S11 and S11 Plus all over the interent. We take a look at what we know this far.

The Samsung S11e, S11 and S11 Plus is due to be announced on 11/02/20 as reported by a leaked video , after which interested buyers can pre-order.

Confirmed : 3 Model 3 Sizes

Amongst the rumours leading up to the S11 event, leaks can confirm 3 sizes in the S11e, S11 and S11 Plus. Other rumours indicate a renaming to S20, while others indicate a rumoured S11e and S11 Plus and 11 Pro.

Here are the rumored screen sizes, according to Blass:

  • Smallest Galaxy S11: 6.2- or 6.4-inch
  • Medium Galaxy S11: 6.7-inch
  • Largest Galaxy S11: 6.9-inch

Confirmed : New Camera

Leaks and rumours indicate a completely new designed Penta Camera. This we can confirmed by images leaked by Samsung Case manufacturers. The S11 is struts a 108MP Penta camera for a main camera. It also includes a Telephoto Periscope Lens with 5x zoom and at least 48MP. The main camera will also feature a time of light sensor. From the front camera you can expect a 42mp camera

Rumour : 120Hz AMOLED display

If you enjoy scrolling on your 60hz display, you will want to get the S11 as its rumoured to have a 120hz powered by the capable Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 5G which is capable of handling 210hz


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