The latest iPhones in South Africa and the best deals on them.

Every year the 3 major Smartphone brands fight it of to bring the latest and best technology to smartphone users across the globe. Its thus easy to get confused and lose count of whats available and what they sell for. We take a look at the latest iPhones available in South Africa and the best deals on them.

iPhone SE 2020

The latest iPhone is Apple’s new iPhone SE. A low budget smartphone offering customers some of the benefits of a high end iPhone. The SE is modeled after the iPhone 8 with bezels below and and on top. One wouldnt be blamed to think that the SE is just the leftover iPhone 8 chassis filled with the up to date parts of the iPhone Xr. With Apples A13 processor and 12MP camera really the biggest improvement on its iPhone 8 model. And they really are big improvements with some reviewers putting the iPhone SE camera up there with the iPhone 11 Pro. Its A13 processor also making notable speed improvements. You can buy the iPhone SE 2020 anywhere from R9 999 at Takealot and R8 999 from Powerbite

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro has been out for a while but still deserves a worthwhile mention. The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro stuck to Apples incremental improvement philosophy with only improving in speed and its camera notably. It remains one of our best selling iPhones. You can get an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB @ the lowest price of R23999 from Powerbite

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