The Apple iPhone 12 release date in South Africa confirmed

  • iPhone 12 release Date in South Africa

    Image courtesy of Apple

UPDATED : 04 Dec 2020

iPhone 12 Prices in South Africa confirmed by iStore.

  • iPhone 12 Mini 64GB R15 999
  • iPhone 12 Mini 128GB R17 499
  • iPhone 12 Mini 256GB R19 999
  • iPhone 12 64GB R18 999
  • iPhone 12 128GB R19 999
  • iPhone 12 256GB R22 499
  • iPhone 12 Pro 128GB R23 499
  • iPhone 12 Pro 256GB R25 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro 512GB R30 499
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB R25 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB R27 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB R32 999

The iPhone 12 Release has finally been revealed by iStore South Africa after close to a month’s silence by the official distributors in SA, but it’s not all good news. South African’s can look forward to pre-ordering their iPhone 12s from 11 December with sales expected to open the following week if a recent tweet by Cellucity is to believe.

Apple retailers have experienced a stock shortage all over the world with some news agencies reporting a shortage in chips to be the reason. Powerbite has been one of the first retailers in SA to get their hands on the Apple iPhone 12 in 2020.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the iPhone 12 has been the omission of the wall charger which now forces consumers to purchase now Type C to 8 Pin chargers that range from R400-R600. The iPhone 12 Pro promises 5G speeds and a refined space grade aluminum design with a Powerful A14 Bionic Chip. You can buy the iPhone 12 from Powerbite now for next day delivery.

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