Apple Macbook Air 11-inch 2015 1.6GHz i5 4GB 128GB Silver CPO

Should you buy a Macbook Air 2018?

Macbook Air 2018

The 2018 Macbook Air was release by Apple in Aug 2018 at a price of R21 499 for the 128GB and R24 999 for the 256GB. It came available in 3 colours namely Silver, Gold and Space Grey. 3 Years Later you can buy the Macbook Air 2018 as a Pre-Owned or Used Macbook Air for only R17 999 with a 1 Year Warranty from Powerbite.


The Macbook Air 2018 has finally gotten the much needed and wanted revamp we all wanted. The 2018 Air now feels more premium, with less of the bulky silver bezels that we are used to in the 2017 Macbook Air. The newer 2018 model is 17% smaller than the 2017 model. The newer model also features a similiar design to the Macbook Pro with 2 speakers on the either side of the keyboard, as well as the new fingerprint ID on the power button. The usb ports are also replaced by two USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) on the left side of the Macbook and an Aux port on the right. The Touchpad now also incorporates the Force Touch, although not as responsive as on the Macbook Pro.


The biggest performance upgrade for the 2018 Macbook Air is the 8th gen intel dual core i5 1.6ghz processor. Although you can upgrade the default ram and SSD if youre buying from USA, the Air comes standard as an 8GB i5 1.6ghz 128GB and 256GB in South Africa. This means that even though the Macbook Air is an improvement on the previous model, it still doesn’t pack the punch to run video editing apps optimally. On the other hand, those buying the Macbook Air does not usually intend to do video editing and therefore this Macbook makes a perfect laptop for every day tasks.


Apple promises a lot in the battery department, but the Macbook Air 2018 does not quite live up to the expectation. It does still offer better performace than most other windows laptops. Apple promises 12-hours of video play back or web browsing. We tested this and got about 9 hours max, which in our opinion is the price to pay for the Retina Display.

Apple recently introduced the M1 Chip Macbook Air which kind of makes even the 2019 Macbook Air Absolute

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