Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Single Sim 64GB Gold


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Note 8 64GB 

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-This is an original Samsung Note 8 with a 24 month Samsung Warranty

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Please allow 7-15 business day for delivery of this item

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB Dual Sim

Trendy,Elongated Screen

The new Note 8 has aSuper AMOLED ‘Infinity Display’ with 2,960×1,440px has a pixel density of 521ppi – about as fine as most recent Samsung top-shelf phablets.

Take your smartphone experience to the next level

Just add a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse, and you have a full-featured desktop experience.

Zoom in without using focus

The two cameras open a world of possibilities beyond the obvious 2x zoom

Do two things at once

Stop switching back-and-forth between apps. With App pair you can launch two apps with a tap and use the side by side on the immersive Infinity Display.³

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