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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are deeply unusual devices. They are full of aggressive breaks from convention while wrapped in cases that look almost exactly like their two direct predecessors. Even that continuity of design is a break from convention; after almost a decade of Apple’s steady two-year iPhone update pattern, merely retaining the same design for a third straight year plays against expectations.

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Frequently asked questions about the iPhone 7 South Africa

How much is iPhone 7 in south africa

You can pick up a Brand New iPhone 7 32G for R7999. You can also buy it for around R4 999 from Powerbite South Africa as CPO with a one year warranty

How to delete apps on iphone 7

If you want to delete apps on the iPhone 7 simply tap on the screen and hold. After a short moment the apps will start to shake, click on the X of the app you want to delete

How big is the iPhone 7?

The unverified drawing shows the iPhone 7 has the same 138.3mm (5.44 inches) length and 6.71mm (2.64 inches) width as the iPhone 6s, but the depth of the new smartphone is not listed for comparison.