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The MacBook Pro “Core i7” 2.8 15-Inch (Mid-2017 Retina Display, Touch Bar, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) is powered by a 14 nm, 7th Generation “Kaby Lake” 2.8 GHz Intel “Core i7” processor (7700HQ), with four independent processor “cores” on a single silicon chip, a 6 MB shared level 3 cache, 16 GB of onboard 2133 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM and 256 GB of onboard flash storage (RAM cannot be upgraded at the time of purchase, but the flash storage could), and dual graphics processors — an AMD Radeon Pro 555 with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 graphics processor that shares memory with the system.

The Apple Macbook Pro 2017 15-inch price in South Africa varies between R30 000 and R40 000. The Macbook Pro 2017 released in 2017 at roughly R41 000 for the base model. The recent exchange rate coupled with the pandemic has kept the second hand value of Macbooks high


Apples 2016 Macbook design truly set the stage for a timeless, premium design that would push even the most conservative shoppers to break the bank in pursuit of this beauty. The 2017 model did nothing to disrupt this, but simultaneously did nothing more to improve this. Apart from some performance improvements the 2017 model is not much different to the 2016 model.


The Macbook Pro 2017 continues with Apples vibrant retina display which is a know for its life like colour spectrum. The 2017 Macbook according to Laptop Mag outperformed the HP spectre to only succumb to the Dell XPS in their screen brightness test.

Battery Life

The Macbook Pro 2017 15-inch has an impressive battery life. According to Laptop Mag the 15 inch out performed the mainstream laptops easily with a time of 10 hours and 59 of continuous web surfing connected to WIFI.
Mainstream laptop category average (6:52), the Dell XPS 15 (8:23) and the HP Spectre x360 (8:36). Last year's MacBook Pro endured for 10 hours and 32 minutes.

Is the Macbook Pro 2017 still good to buy?

“If you've been on the fence about getting a MacBook Pro, now's a better time than ever to get one. Apple's highest-end notebook crams a ton of power into a wonderfully slim design, and its 15-inch Retina display is a beautifully bright canvas for getting work done or just kicking back with movies. While not absolutely essential, the Touch Bar opens up a whole bunch of neat control options that make the Mac even more intuitive and fun to use.

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