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Powerbite Sea Point, Cape Town

iPhone, Macbook and iPad Repair in Sea Point – Cape Town

Are you in need of a Macbook or iPhone repair near you in Cape Town? Powerbite has a dedicated team to assist you in bringing your beloved Macbook back to life. We offer a wide range of services including screen replacements/repairs, battery replacements,logic board repairs, speaker repairs, battery replacements, software upgrades,hardware upgrades and many more. We proud ourselves in customer service and quality service. We want to be the best option for iPhone and Macbook Repairs in Cape Town. We want to be your first and only option knowing you will get the cheapest repair with the best quality parts and workmanship. Thats why we offer a 1 year warranty on any repair and price match that means we will beat any vat reg quote!

MacBook Air Repair Services

Apples Macbook Air features a sleek and mobile design. Its small size allows for easy travel and freedom of movement. As a result the Air is also more susceptible to fall damage. If your Macbook has fallen contact Powerbite for a no obligation quote on a screen repair. If you are experience other problems such as your Macbook not turning on, it might be the ram and require a closer inspection. First try and charge your Macbook with a different charger. You might experience problems like your battery draining to quickly due to this Macbook Air not being the latest Macbooks and most of them being outdated already. First check to see if your arent running any background apps. If thats not the case bring it in to your trusted repair specialists of Macbook Airs in Cape Town

MacBook Pro Touchbar Repair Services

Apples Macbook Pro Touchbar version set the standard for Apples Macbooks to follow. It has been a huge success and continue to be. If you are using it you might have run in to some problems with the keyboard. It might be the case that your Macbook qualifies for a repair under Apples keyboard program. If you dont then Powerbite Sea Point can asses your Macbook and Repair youre Macbook Pro while you wait. If you have dropped your Macbook and the screen has cracked then get in contact with us for a no obligation quote on a Macbook Screen Replacement in Cape Town

iPhone Repair Services

Powerbite offers you the best prices on screen repairs in Cape Town. We import our screens directly from the supplier allowing us to give you the best value for money. We also fix other problems including liquid damage and logic board repairs. Battery replacement, charger port and speaker repairs we do while you wait. Contact us now to find the best place to fix your iPhone near you in Cape Town

Powerbite Sea Point, Cape Town

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Where is the best place to fix an iPhone near me?

Powerbite remains one of the best places to repair an iPhone because Powerbite matches any VAT inc prices. We also offer the best prices with quality service

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone X screen?

You can get an iPhone X screen repaired from R3 499 depending on the quality of the screen you use

Where to fix a Macbook near me?

If you are looking for quality Macbook repair services while you wait in Johannesburg area then look no further then Powerbite Dainfern. We beat any VAT inc price