Updated- Apple iPhone 12 – Price & Release date in South Africa.

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Apple iPhone 12 – Price & Release date in South Africa.

There are certain things the world that one just can’t get enough of. iPhones would make a great example. Every year Apple captures its audience with their famous Apple event to announce their latest Apple iPhones. Together with that comes the speculations and the leaks. This year is no different, apart from the extend of the leaks received from a usually very secretive company.

Luca Maestri recently announced that the Apple launch would not announce the iPhone 12 as per usual in September but rather in Oct. Some believe that this is due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic which slowed down production in China.

We take a look at what Apple users can expect in Oct and what South Africans can expect to pay.

Latest Updates.


iPhone 12 64GB R21 999
iPhone 12 128GB R23999
iPhone 12 256GB R25999

iPhone 12 Pro 128GB R29999
IPhone 12 Pro 256GB R33999
IPhone 12 Pro 512GB R35999

iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB R29999

iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB R36 999

iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB R39 999

Several websites and tech outlets are putting forth their predictions for iPhone 12 prices in South Africa and its newest specifications.

The popular twitter tech analyst ‘Komiyaappleseed’ has recently dedicated a thread detailing the features and specifications of the iPhone 12. A 5G Milli wave is said to be featured in all the models of the iPhone 12. Also, the line of upcoming iPhones may also flaunt a smaller notch.

According to another popular site the iPhone 12 and 12 Max will feature a new powerful LPDDR4X 4GB ram while the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will feature a 6GM ram

Super Retina Display.

While the iPhone 12 has a smaller 5.4” super retina display, the iPhone MAX and PRO counterparts have a clearer, crisper 6.1” display.

To top it off, the new iPhone Pro Max has surpassed all expectations to bring in the new 6.7” Super Retina XDR Display with 10-Bit Color Depth.

iPhone 12 price in South Africa.

The iPhone 12 price named by tech analyst Komiya starts at around $699 and goes up to $1399 for the 512 GB iPhone 12 PRO MAX variant.

From our experience iStore South Africa usually comes in around 35% more expensive than their USA counterparts, thus we can expect the iPhone 12 price to start from R14 999 for the iPhone 12 64GB variant. This is in line with Apples pricing of last year for the iPhone 11. This is what you can expect to pay.

iPhone 11 64GB : R14 999t

iPhone 12 128GB : R16 999

iPhone 12 256GB : R18 999

iPhone 12 Max 64GB : R16999

iPhone 12 Max 128GB : R18999

iPhone 12 Max 256GB : R20 999

iPhone 12 Pro 128GB : R24 999

iPhone 12 Pro 256GB : R26 999

iPhone 12 Pro 512GB : R28 999

iPhone 11 Pro Max 128GB : R26 999

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB : R28 999

iPhone Pro Max 512GB : R30 999


With the traditional nano sim feature and the all-new LiDAR scanner, Apple has successfully managed to retain its uniqueness while simultaneously enhancing certain important pre-existing features.

TheiPhone 12 release date in South Africais expected to launch someday in November, after promotional press conferences in October.

120 Hz Refresh Rate.

The trusted apple leaker Apple iTimes had put forth claims of 120 Hz high refresh rate in the PRO MAX and PRO versions of the all-new iPhone 12.

Famous leaker Jon Prosser also indicated that the iPhone 12 Pro Max would come with a high refresh rate setting. MacRumours subsequently debunked this theory claiming Apple is concerned about its effect on battery life.

Wrapping up.

Apple will start shipping its newest member of the iPhone, the all-new, and improved iPhone 12 by mid-October. This means its  Pro variants might be available in markets by November 20th.

Several tech reviewers expect the iOS device to be truly distinguishable from its previous variants in terms of LiDAR camera display, 5G Milli wave, and larger, better batteries.

Until then all we can do is wait for further information regarding the Apple iPhone 12 prices and release date in South Africa.

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