Why Should you buy a 2017 Macbook Air in 2020?

Apples Macbook Air has been a revelation that stood the test of time. It also made Macbooks affordable and not just any Macbook, but one that got the job done. Its for this reason that the Macbook Air remains Apple’s most successful Macbook to date . With Apples Macbook Air 2020 recently being released, you might be asking, should I upgrade to the 2020 Macbook Air? We look at the reasons why it would not be a bad idea to buy a 2017 Macbook Air in 2020 rather.

What has changed?


Apples newest Macbook Air 20200 features its redesigned scissor mechanism keyboard. Which is mind-blowing but is just a fix to its highly disappointing butterfly keyboard. The Macbook Air 2017 model keyboard did not need fixing as it was perfect to begin with. So the New keyboard does not prove enough reason for an upgrade.


Apples Macbook Air 2020 now features a dual-core 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor. A big jump from the 2017’s 7th gen dual core i5 processor. But do you need this much power in Macbook Air? The truth is unless you are planning on doing video editing or using your laptop for strenuous tasks, there does not seem a reason to fork out the additional cash for a Macbook upgrade. The Macbook Air 2017 runs daily tasks like chrome, excel etc without any hiccups.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor has been available for a while on the Macbook Pro models and now makes its way to the Airs. We must admit that the fingerprint ID does make life easier and unlike the touch-bar proves to be of actual value, rather than a gimmick. The fingerprint ID allows you to unlock your Macbook without having to enter passwords. You can make purchases, sign in to accounts and just make life much easier for yourself. The fingerprint ID is one feature we would miss if using the 2017 Macbook Air.

True Tone Display

The big difference between the Macbook Air 2017 and 2020 is the Retina Display and it being true tone. True tone means that the screen automatically adjusts the warmth on the screen based on the ambient light colour and brightness. Retina display refers to a display that has more pixels per screen than those screens that arent retina displays. This means that pictures on Retina Display appear smoother and less pixelated.


The Apple Macbook Air 2017 128GB is available from Powerbite for only R11 999 compared to the 2020 Model for R27999. This is a significant difference and our opinion only justifiable if you are intending to use your Macbook for graphic design or video editing. And if thats the case you might as well buy the Macbook Pro

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